Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

here you go!

aaa i miss my bloog :(
i'm sorry i cannot blogging yet (on my laptop).
 there's something wrong with my laptop. hiks
my laptop's sick. and make me more sensitive by day (?)
hahaa yes. the effect's especially for me that i havent touch my laptop since 5 days a go
and i've been  more hem...angry..sansitive and bored mostly.

how long i've must been waiting for my lovely laptop is totally heal.
 i miss editting in photoscape. i miss blogging. i miss youtube-ing.  i miss us.
HAHAHA why so dramatic dhe?ha?ha?:/
 get well really soonn my laptop *kiss kiss*

oyaa. almost forget.  right now i borrow my sister's laptop.
bcause i miss blogging so much  
and of course you guysss missing me and i missing you :p

Unbranded Top, Gaudi Pants, The Little Things She Needs Shoes 

 Unbranded Top, Gaudi Pants, The Little Things She Needs Bag

today's been much pretty funn wohooo!
me, my mom and sister (niece). are going to living world
have some nice lunch, laugh and...... *jengjeng*
yipiii yipiii !!


lots of X's an O's!