Senin, 18 Januari 2016

It Was Love

hay there! was listening zico's new song which i really love it! the title was "it was love" like the title of this post hehe. the song also featuring with Luna (fx), her voice it's like a cup of chocolate in rainy day. sweet, smooth and oh so addictive. actually this song don't have zico in it, but he's the guy who composed the song. ah the song it's really perf! that's the link, i guarantee you're gonna in love with this song like they did it to me hihi the song tells about how someone missing her past love, of the house he used to live with her ex is used to feel with love and affection. she act strong and trying to forget him, but it is so hard cause there's so much memory with him. there will be some of pieces moment with him. i assume the reason her ex was left is because he have to study aboard. this is so beautiful with that like the shot  and the light! the tone color match perfectly with the song. my fave song for this month!

so guys, i have a good news! i mean a good news for me hehe. finallyy the day was come! holiday! ah so happy! there's no full of hell assignment, tied with a looooot of deadline, having a lack of sleep which makes me feel more fatter and fatter causing of the college stressed. it's been hard time and i'm thankful. hoping the final IP for this semester is gonna make me smile, hard work won't betrayal rite?:)  my plan for this holiday was going a tour trip to SOUTH KOREAA wih my mom!!!!! i can't really really wait for the dayyyy!! woaa so excited hihi, my dream finally come true going to korea for the first time in a winter season, it's gonna be fun amien. finally i can experiense south korea food culinary, culturee, meet my baby booy my uminn hahah. promise, i'm gonna updated my trip to korea later, be ready ya! hihi

this would be boring a post without a photos post, rite? haha. i have the old album of mine, actually this photoshoot was taken a year ago nyhaha back than i don't have time to do a photoshoot cause been busy to do my things. so this is it :P

the color of my outfit just like a color of love, red and peach

love it's like a flower, day after day it will blooming the more beautiful they are :