Jumat, 05 Februari 2016


          Annyeong~ aren't you excited just by see the title of this post?! cause i am. event for the second day of my trip, we're gonna playing in Everland and strolled around Dongdaemun Market! wa it's a jackpot. so much excited like i never been happy like this before haha. In this post, i'm gonna focused more on the experience in Eveland. Hotel that i stayed has a dazzling view, in the deck showed a Snow Hill, waaa yea my hotel near ski place. so pretty. The combination between dry tree, blue sky and white snow, beautiful  BUT SO COLD hahah. I already wear 5 layer there's long john, two sweater, shirt and manset, but i'm feeling even more cold haha, but i'm happy! because of that, my body looks more fat and the fact its i was gained weight too. Well, actually there's anoother event, it was Sliding by Dog. But yea not so fun, i rather playing ski. 

EVERLAND! the magical place. SO Excited! i always dreaming of how Everland really is, and the reality was more than i imagined. Am i being so exaggerate? hehe sorry cause i've been waiting to have a experience in Everland. so regret, i don't try many of games. That's because my mom don't want accompanied me (cause she's scared and not feeling well that time huhu) and the other family has already spread hiks. There's T Express, it's a roller coaster in Everland. Wow it is so high and look so fun tough! there's a long line besides T Express, it's one of a must try when you in Everland.   The Safari World ride is also good. It's like being in a jeep form The Jurrasic Park instead of dinosaurs, you get to see live with white tigers, giraffe, zebras and the van driver feed the standing bears! Wow so fun!

That was me, look so fat cause of that 5 layer haha. Pose in front of huge Christmas Tree decorated with golden stars, light ball and flower. i have to wait for 5 person until i get the chance to strike a pose in front of that so Popular Tree! haha but the result isn't so bad :p. when i get there, there's so many people. There's so much Kindergarten who's having a field trip too hihi so cute how they holding hands together while playing and i succeed pinch the cheek on of the little girl :3. 

Everland was become more pretty, with that Christmas decoration:)

this is Everland Park. So romantic hmm yes that light in love shaped the spot where all the couple take a picture together, while holding hands or even kissing. hm and here i am with my mom looking those love birds, so awkward hahaha.
The park itself has been decorated with so much light and that's pretty. walking around with a cup of chocolate, wandering around this pretty place was make me happy and chill. colorful light and cute building and a large lush green tree on the background :). not a really big but there's so much pretty spot to take a photo. When i was there, it's not so crowded compared with the main place. Maybe because there's not a game or anything to ride on, only park. this is more like the photo place   when the visitors has content with their photos,  they just left. but this is a must place when you've happen to go to Everland, so pretty!

So this is it for today, see ya~

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