Sabtu, 06 Februari 2016

Gurls Time~

     Annyeoong yorobun~  my fave day from this trip! It's Shopping tyme! pretty much girl fave too, right?:p. Korea has been know as a heaven place for shopping, esp for their cosmetic. There's some korean cosmetic product that well known in Jakarta, let's say Natural Republic, Etude, The Face Shop, Tony Molly. This are cosmetic that pretty pricey in Jakarta, but well not in korea. The price was more friendly and they love to give a bonus. this is why i love korea so much! HAHA. no doubt all of korean people have a flawless and smooth face. for your information, my korean leader tour told me that average Korean people either boy or girl aged around 20 use 5-9 beauty product, wow even me just use sunblock and powder daily. they're really care about their skin and health, so amaze.

Today's schedule was shopping at Duty Free and Myeongdong. i got so excited when bus heading towards Duty Free, about 2 hours to get there from Seoul.  Duty Free it's give you much more low cost, not only sell cosmetics but also branded bag, branded clothes. it's more like Metro in Jakarta. Wow it is so big building, the place also sooo crowded. when i get there i barely can't stand properly cause there's so much people who hit me while they're run, not so comfortable. cosmetics area are on second floor, there's so much beauty products there aand so crowded! i feel dizzy. it's just like a market, full of people. there's a couple little brothers who playing around too-_-. well, me and my mom wandering around etude, face shop and bought face mask, hand body, powder so on and so on haha. i'm just crazily bought anything haha and i'm in love with lip matte from 3CE products, the red one just so comfortable to apply on my dry lips. ah love it.

me and those shopping bag hahah, pose outside Duty Free building. ah can you see how happy i am? soooo happy i get all of my fave beauty products, i hope i will become pretty like korean girls hihi

you might be wondered about who's that charming and cute oppa besides me? hahahah omo i miss him so much even until now! he's name is beom, he was actually the other of korean staff that accompany us in korea,  a photography staff. when first met him, i slightly think he looks a like jackson from Got7, cause of his earring haha. oppa boem, he just so funny and cutee omo! he's not fluent in both english nor Indonesia language, but he just said one word "kakak kakak ayo masuk" everytime the bus was arrived haha. he used to do silly thing hahah so funny. there's once time he was karaoke in the bus, although he sing was great i just found it funny haha cause he look so over when he sing. ah i miss you oppa boem, i wish you study more in english so we can chat more often :p

this photo was taken by oppa beom. i asked him "oppa beom, which side that has a good view?" he said "tidak ada" hahha cause every view was only road, cars and building. actually i was not ready yet but he already taken a pict haha but the result look good tough. thanks oppa boem, hope someday we can meet again!

let's take a selfie! me and my friends wearing hanbok. we look cute, ya:3. i have the full version of me wearing hanbok but unfortunately my was just looks so chubby so i don't want to post it hehe. 

yes i was that tired soo tired haha but this is Myeongdong! no time to feel sleepy cause Myeongdong is about shopping and eating! hahaha i was like my stomach will explode cause of having too much food. Teokpokki, oden, crepes, chicken chees, strawberry moci and i don't know what name  of each food i eat, but i really eat a looot that time. those street food just looks so tempting! :9

okay then that's it for today, annyeong~

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