Minggu, 07 Februari 2016

Till we meet again~

Annyeong~ what? like i just can't believe that it's already over. nooooo! i haven't content yet ah this is so saad, me and my friends from the tour was like annoyed that we have to leave korea huhu. i promise there's no way that i dont come back to korea!

we both looks cute together, aren't we?;p. it's so nice to see oppa boem have a little bit dressing up himself, wearing a kind of tuxedo and those formal shoes! wow he makes me more flutter when i see him. and his hair! he change it haha it look more neat, more look alike jackson haha. we're both wearing the same color haha it is only jus a coincidence or what? haha :p 

this is my fellow! from left there's laras, ayu, dinda and our leader tour oppa jo! oppa jo looks so cute with that smile, he look so sincere like a baby hahaha. i miss you guys! hope time will brought us together :). see ya!

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